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a new beat engine for DIN Is Noise coming soon. meanwhile, listen to WIP tracks:

This playlist has tracks with all sounds from DIN Is Noise played live:

DIN Is Noise · all sounds from DIN

This playlist has tracks with DIN Is Noise and other musicians played live:

DIN Is Noise · jams with Real Musicians.

Track notes for playlists above available at Soundcloud

Spirit Tone Recordings ft Jagernot: DIN the Djinn, 4 track EP:

auralbin is a 33 track binaural and pluaural beats album made by my great friend mauxuam entirely with DIN Is Noise. maux has gone AWOL since 2018? Love to hear from you again maux!

Music of Louigi Verona

Voltage is an album made entirely with DIN Is Noise by Louigi Verona, an early champion of DIN Is Noise

Oral history of DIN Is Noise

I started recording an Oral History of DIN Is Noise on Christmas Eve 2014 and finished by Boxing Day. Its in 6 parts, just over 3 hours long :) and documents the state of the project then.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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