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You are about to buy a License to use DIN Is Noise on a computer running Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows or Linux (Ubuntu).

If you want to use DIN on more than one computer at the same time, you must buy a suitable number of licenses. Please use the Quantity field on the order form.

If you are a student or an educational institution, please e-mail me to get a discount

Pay using Paypal

Operating System Type Cost Buy Notes
Windows Lifetime License $99
  • Run on one computer.
  • Free upgrades for life!
Linux Lifetime License $99
  • Run on one computer.
  • Free upgrades for life!
Mac OS X Lifetime License $99
  • Run on one computer.
  • Free upgrades for life!

Paypal will process your order on behalf of Jagernot. At the end of the order, you will be automatically re-directed to or you can visit the Licensees area to download the licensed version of DIN Is Noise.

If you have any problems with your order, please e-mail Jagannathan Sampath, the author of DIN Is Noise.

Benefits of the Licensed Version of DIN Is Noise:

  1. You get free upgrades to DIN Is Noise for life,
  2. No start up screen and no Evaluation Version stamp on the software,
  3. You can save recordings,
  4. You can use all the plugins in the curve editors,
  5. You can wand drones into existence,
  6. You can create any M x N drone mesh,
  7. You can create drone pendulums,
  8. You can create geometric chucks with any number of drones,
  9. You can play with as many balls as you like in the Mondrian instrument,
  10. You can create as many binaural drone pairs as you like in the Binaural Drones instrument,
  11. You get personal support from the author of DIN Is Noise via E-mail or Twitter.
  12. The Lifetime License is an investment as DIN Is Noise has been in continuous development for the last 15 years with regular upgrades and many more exciting features coming soon,
  13. You help the author continue his independent research and work on DIN Is Noise.

DIN Is Noise is Copyright (c) 2006-2023 Jagannathan Sampath.
DIN Is Noise for GNU+Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD is Free Software.
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