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Spirit Tone Recordings ft Jagernot: DIN the Djinn, 4 track EP:

auralbin is a 33 track binaural and pluaural beats album made by my great friend and mentor mauxuam entirely with DIN Is Noise.

Jams with Friends

this-is-spaced-aged-indian: Tom Webster (Synthesisers), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) // March 2, 2019 @ London, England.

33 mins : Robert Atwood (Variseq), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ London, England.

ulica_retoryka: Kamil Kukla (Guitar and FX), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ Krakow, Poland.

noisedive: Martin Klang (Custom electronics and software), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ London, England

bufo_marinus: Canetoad Orchestra (Robert Atwood (Variseq), Geraldine McEwan (Violin), Evan Raskob (Djembe and Ukelele) and Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise)) @ London, England.

celloidal: Jakub Gucik (Cello), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ Krakow, Poland.

mayday: Leszek Wisniowski (Flute), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ Krakow, Poland

mayday too: Leszek Wisniowski (Flute), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ Krakow, Poland

chasetitty: Paul Lucas (Guitar), David Kaplowitz (Keys+Ableton-Live), Martin Klang (Electronics), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ London, England.

save-ass: Leszek Wisniowski (Flute), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ Krakow, Poland.

yaman-dot-pl: Kamil Kukla (Guitar+FX), Jagannathan Sampath (DIN Is Noise) @ Krakow, Poland.

one_chord_groove: Duncan Eagles (Saxophone), Mat Luthiert (Double Bass), Pharoh Russell (Drums), Tom Whyte (Trombone), ..?.. (Keyboards) || Jazz jam @ Greyhorse Pub, London, England

All sounds DIN Is Noise

pazuzu-of-the-bedroom: drone mesh modulation, lissajous waveform with variable x/y speed, point modulation on delay feedback and volume curves

love-supreme: balls in Mondrian spontaneously combust into John Coltrane's motif.

morse-mantra: morse code of SOS as an envelope on the lead voice of the Microtonal-Keyboard.

sumbo-siva-sumbo: for the holy of India || @Chennai, India


too-many-times: feat. Barrack Obama. made with an experimental, unreleased DIN Is Noise build to apply live samples on delay lines. bent phrases played on the keyboard-keyboard.





i-got-kicked-out: live in a pub somewhere in London, England.


ushrinivas: -Late Ustad-Sultan-Khan on Sarangi + Jagannathan Sampath on DIN Is Noise + Late U Shrinivas on Mandolin, sampled sadly

Oral history of DIN Is Noise

I started recording an Oral History of DIN Is Noise on Christmas Eve 2014 and finished by Boxing Day. Its in 6 parts, just over 3 hours long :) and documents the state of the project then.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Music of Louigi Verona

Track notes below also by Louigi Verona

Voltage is an album made entirely with DIN Is Noise by Louigi Verona

grass is green

A tune about lying on the grass and watching the blue sky. Very simplistic, even banal theme, however I like how the tune nevertheless creates an atmosphere which I think many people can relate to.



Just DIN. No FX.

dimension two

Recorded using two DINs. Each din was routed through its own rakarrack. hydrogen was also routed thru a separate rakarrack. The result was mixed in qtractor. Voices are from star trek tng and a cosmology lecture. Except from voices and drums the rest of the sounds all come from the two DINs.


riding on a train. recorded in Ardour. heavy external effects applied to DIN.

DIN Is Noise is Copyright (c) 2006-2019 Jagannathan Sampath.
DIN Is Noise for GNU+Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD is Free Software.
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