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#DIN35 #WIP Major expansion planned for Binaural Drones instrument

Thu May 17 04:43:15 IST 2018: Jagernot announced a major expansion to the Binaural Drones instrument in DIN Is Noise release 35: you can edit and delete pitch, volume and separation of binaural drone pairs, you can also edit binaural pairs based on rules eg., delete or sync or silence pairs with pitches between 100 and 400 Hz, pairs with pitch < 100 Hz, > 300 Hz etc.

Figure 1. Return binaural drone pairs with left drone pitch > 200 Hz, < 400 Hz, in range 50 to 400 Hz, delete binaural pairs with pitch > 400 Hz, return binaural pairs with pitch > 0 Hz, so basically all pairs. This is Work In Progress so all options will appear on the GUI on release :)

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