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If Moog and Buchla are two synths,
DIN is a synth of a 3rd kind.

It forgets history,
To not repeat it.

It doesnt hide analog music hardware,
In digital music software.

You had pulse, sine, triangle and sawtooth,
And went forth and made electronic music.

Now there is just the Bezier curve.
Go make your pulse, sine, triangle and sawtooths.
Or this, this, this and this.

Nick says this is nothing new.
Old men did it in the 60s,
Punching numbers into cards.

Now you edit waveforms with a GUI,
And watch the sound change before your eyes.

Has it got ADSR?

No because Additive not Subtractive.

Bezier on Carrier and Modulator.
Eat that Chowning.

Yes +
Infinite microtones between any two tones.

MIDI Keyboard.
Computer keyboard.

I want two!
Why? Take 3.

But what does it actually do?