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Binaural Planets - My first ever album with 180 minutes of binaural drones placed on frequencys derived from the orbital time of our Planets around the Sun. You can stream tracks Mercury and Neptune here. You get tracks of other planets and Pluto as a bonus track when you buy the full album. All these tracks were made entirely with DIN Is Noise 21 except fade outs which were added with Audacity.

Binaural Major Chords - My second album with 240 minutes of binaural drones placed on the major chords of all notes of the chromatic scale. You can stream C# major and F# major tracks here. The remaining tracks are available when you buy the full album. All these tracks were made entirely with DIN Is Noise 21 except fade outs which were added with Audacity.

Louigi Verona is one of the first musicians to use DIN Is Noise. He recorded this whole album LIVE from DIN with a really early version of DIN on GNU/Linux.

Celloloidal - From the 1st jam with Cellist Jakub Gucik / Krakow / Poland.

Mayday - From the 1st jam with flautist Leszek Wisniowski / Krakow / Poland

Ulica Retoryka - From the 1st jam with Kamil Kukla at his flat in Ulica Retoryka / Krakow / Poland. Bass E and G were triggered in Mondrian and modulated by fifths or fourths at high BPM. Spiral waveforms used. Kamil effects his guitar to make horn-like sounds.

All sounds are live from DIN in the following tracks

Sinucidal - Ball tick tocks between F and the F above in Mondrian, then we live raise and lower harmonics on the Sine Mixer but transform the result into a shapeform [ x = a*cos(wt), y = b*sin(wt) ] instead of outputting summed sines. Mouse capture was applied on Feedback and Volume curves on delay lines and mixed out with in-DIN .WAV save.

Beat Vomeat - Beat with modulations up and down fifths, feedback/volume curves on delay line messing and waveform mixing

Morse code Manra - Morse code for SOS converted into an envelope and applied to lead voice on Microtonal-Keyboard. Long, overdriven delay lines

Bombay Mix - Demonstrates Spiral shapeforms, smooth waveform and envelope switching & mixing

Sumbo Siva Sumbo - Demonstrates smooth octave shifting thru microtonal space and live phrasing on the Microtonal-keyboard

Methane lakes of Titan - Drones launched from a modulating drone at a lower octave then driven to higher octaves by user defined gravity. Recorded Live using in-DIN .WAV recording. A video recording is also available

The screenshots page has sound samples of bezier curve waveforms, shapeforms and fractal waveforms.

I started recording an Oral History of DIN Is Noise on Christmas Eve 2014 and finished by Boxing Day. Its in 6 parts, just over 3 hours long :)
ohdin1.mp3 [17m 53s] ohdin2.mp3 [39m 30s] ohdin3.mp3 [25m 20s] ohdin4.mp3 [19m 47s] ohdin5.mp3 [41m 51s] ohdin6.mp3 [41m 39s]

Audio interview (39:32) conducted by Stress FM at Caldas da Rainha, Portugal where Jag demonstrates DIN Is Noise and talks about software as art, computer programming as writing, India, computing form factors, privacy & bots >>

Modular + DIN by Symmetric Field - Added May 21, 2013 Track made with Eurorack Modular and DIN. Listen on headphones for best experience.

I got kicked out by Jag Bot - Added Dec 19, 2012 / Created Dec 19, 2012 Experimental blues vocals by Jag over drones & lead voice of din. Performed live at Troyganic, London.

Bufo Marinus by Canetoad Orchestra - Added Feb 15, 2012 / Created May 28, 2008 Jag on din, Robert Atwood on Variseq, Geraldine McEwan on Violin, Evan Raskob on Ukelele & Djembe

din + mandolin by S Jagannathan & U Shrinivas Added Feb 14, 2012 / Created March 27, 2009 Jag has a fine record of Mandolin virtuoso U Shrinivas playing this raga (scale?) with the late Ustad Sultan Khan on the Sarangi. Used din to match their Sa (tonic / key note) and played a few phrases with the mouse on din. Replaced the Sarangi phrases with din and edited in the Mandolin

noisedive by S Jagannathan & Martin Klang Added Feb 8, 2012 / Performed December 3, 2009 First performance with Martin Klang as part of Openlab open night at The Roebuck. Jag plays din tuned on Raga Malkauns with notes slowly modulated down in pitch to create rumble and whale like sounds. Martin uses his own open hardware music controllers to control Ableton Live and his own software drone synth.


by Focalt - November 21, 2011

Awaiting track notes from Focalt

Download: OGG 14.86 MB

Pd with din: exotic vibes by Louigi Verona

Drone Experiment 2 by Animystic

DIN Is Noise is used extensively in Louigi Verona's droning project.

Voltage by Louigi Verona is a whole album made only with din.


by Louigi Verona - February 14, 2011

Just din. No FX.

Download: OGG 4.08 MB


by Louigi Verona - February 14, 2011

Riding on a train. Recorded in Ardour. Heavy external effects applied to din resonator.

Download: OGG 11.96 MB

grass is green

by Louigi Verona - February 12, 2011

A tune about lying on the grass and watching the blue sky. Very simplistic, even banal theme, however I like how the tune nevertheless creates an atmosphere which I think many people can relate to.

Download: OGG 18.57 MB

dimension two

by Louigi Verona - February 10, 2011

this was recorded using two dins. each din was routed through its own rakarrack. hydrogen was also routed thru a separate rakarrack. the result was mixed in qtractor. voices are from star trek tng and a cosmology lecture. except from voices and drums the rest of the sounds all come from the two dins.

Download: OGG 12.68 MB


by Louigi Verona - February 8, 2011

This is where it gets really complicated to play. Made many-many takes until got this one right.

Download: OGG 3.41 MB

Sound Samples (2007 - 2010) @ Google Code