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FUNDIN Is Noise for GNU/Linux!

I am an independent software developer that sells licenses for the proprietary version of DIN Is Noise to [barely, really!] support myself.

But I enjoy releasing the full source code of DIN Is Noise as Free Software. Please consider funding my work to keep this going!

To fund with Paypal, you can buy Funding UNits alias FUNs calculated as 1 USD = 1 FUN

So you pay 10 USD to buy 10 FUNs, 50 USD for 50 FUNs and so on.

Please enter the number of FUNs you want to buy in the Quantity field of the order form and press Update

Paypal will take your money on behalf of Jagernot and your bank statement will display the transaction as JAGERNOT / FUN

To fund with Bitcoins just send them to: 1BmWvs5vFZGAoPfGE6Cduqjd3zXiLNpx8P

Currently, 10 USD = 0.0012014 BTC