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FUNDIN Is Noise 10 for GNU/Linux!

As a GNU/Linux user of DIN Is Noise, you may be sad that whilst the proprietary version of DIN Is Noise stands at version 14, the GNU/Linux version languishes at 5.2.1. It may pain you even more if you knew that I conceived, developed and supported DIN Is Noise as Free software exclusively for GNU/Linux for 7 years from 2006 to 2013.

So, what has changed now? Well, you continued to donate money now and then :) A few of you even donated money more than the price of a Lifetime License of DIN Is Noise on Windows or Mac OS X. That humbled me and made me feel guilty that I wasnt delivering to you guys. I dont write DIN Is Noise to make money. I write it because nobody else will write it and I want to write it. I'm also proud of my code and want to show it to you. You may want to take a look at it too, modify it and make it dance to your tune. You cannot do this if DIN Is Noise is not Free. But software development costs money. I therefore hope you can buy Funding UNits alias FUNs to help bring DIN Is Noise 10 to GNU/Linux ASAP!

1 USD = 1 FUN

You pay 10 USD to buy 10 FUNs, 50 USD for 50 FUNs, 100 USD for 100 FUNs and so on.

I need 10000 FUNs to bring DIN Is Noise 10 to GNU/Linux.

So far, I have received 1518 FUNs

Status? 15% FUNded

If FUNded, I promise to release DIN Is Noise 10 as Free Software on GNU/Linux ASAP

If not FUNded, I promise to release DIN Is Noise 10 as Free Software on 22nd September 2015

So, please click below to buy FUNs and help bring DIN Is Noise home to GNU/Linux ASAP

Please enter the number of FUNs you want to buy in the Quantity field of the order form and press Update

Paypal will take your money on behalf of Jagernot and your bank statement will display the transaction as JAGERNOT / FUN

If you made a donation in the past, I have already converted your donation into FUNs.

If you do not wish to be on the FUNders board below, let me know in the Message to Seller box on the order form.

Initial build of DIN Is Noise 10 on GNU/Linux is a SUCCESS!

The video shows a test build of the code of DIN Is Noise 10 Evaluation Version on GNU/Linux. When DIN Is Noise becomes Free Software, it will not have any of the limits seen in the Evaluation Version.

Comparison of din is noise 5.2.1 [Current] on GNU/Linux to DIN Is Noise 10 [Proposed] on GNU/Linux

Feature din is noise 5.2.1
on GNU/Linux
DIN Is Noise 10
on GNU/Linux
Bezier curves for waveforms,
envelopes, modulation and FX
Yes Yes
Microtonal drones Yes Yes
Keyboard-Keyboard Yes Yes
Microtonal-Keyboard Yes Yes
Mondrian No Yes
Shapeforms No Yes
Fractal waveforms No Yes
9 plugins to transform geometry
into waveforms, envelopes
and modulation curves
No Yes
Orbiting drones No Yes
Automatic drone launchers No Yes
Gravity driven drones No Yes
Drone meshes No Yes
Menus and improved GUI No Yes


  1. Names of FUNders will be posted on this page in descending order of FUNs purchased. The top FUNder will be titled Our Great Leader
  2. Names of FUNders will also be displayed inside DIN Is Noise 10 on GNU/Linux on the About screen.

Top FUNders

134Peter Lutek
100John Coghill
70Erik Schoster
63Aaron Wolf
50Matthew Henley
50Robert Nunnally Jr
50Samuel Chintha
35Aristotle Ataee
35DJ Faraj
35David Dickey
35George Profenza
35Gerhard Lang
35Jeff Hare
35Lassi Ylikojola
35Laurent Broggini
35Matthew Ewer
25Benoit Rouits
25Delaine Dubois
25Diego Madero Islas
25Michael Hlatky
25Robin Cheek
25Wolfgang Steuerle
21Johaness Tress
20Craig Stephenson
20Wyatt Walker
15Martin Nunlee
15Matthew Spiers
10Adam Holquist
10Andrew Martin
10Louigi Verona
10Popov Artem
10Ross Hamblin
10Sebastian Thewes
9Dominik Keller
5Edward Diehl
5Guido Lang
5John Nutter
5Ulrike Uhlig
1Gareth Jones

For tiebreak, FUNders first names are sorted alphebetically

Thank you!