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DIN Is Noise

Copyright (c) 2006-2024 Jagannathan Sampath 
Please visit for more information.

DIN Is Noise is released under GPL 2.0 license.
See the file COPYING for more information.

DIN Is Noise is Free Software. 


To keep DIN Is Noise as Free Software, please fund the development at:


To build DIN Is Noise for 64-bit GNU/Linux,

First, you must install these libraries:

	a. OpenGL (-lGL)
	b. SDL (-lSDL)
	c. TCL (-ltcl8.6)
	d. ALSA (-lasound)
	d. JACK (-ljack) 

To build for the first time type these commands in a shell,

a. autoreconf -fvi

b. ./configure CXXFLAGS="-O3 -D__LINUX_ALSA__" CFLAGS=-O3

If you want JACK support instead of ALSA then:

b. ./configure CXXFLAGS="-O3 -D__UNIX_JACK__" CFLAGS=-O3 LIBS=-ljack

c. make

d. sudo make install

e. !! ATTENTION !! 
	 if you are using ALSA, make sure no other program is playing audio.
   if you are using JACK, make sure JACK server is running before starting DIN.

f. on a shell, type din and press enter.

If you have built DIN Is Noise before:

a. sudo make uninstall
b. rm -rf ~/.din

Now follow the steps for building DIN Is Noise for the first time.

* Please do not use this source code to build and distribute binaries *
* for Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X as I sell licenses for      * 
* using those binaries at to try and       * 
* support myself. Please consider funding my independent work on DIN  *
* Is Noise at                           *

Hope you enjoy DIN Is Noise.

If you can package DIN Is Noise for various GNU/Linux distributions or other
Unices, please e-mail me.

Jagannathan Sampath []
Chennai, India.