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There are over 3 hours of video tutorials & demos to help you learn DIN Is Noise & explore its features. Unfortunately, the tutorial videos are not upto date as they were made with an older version of DIN on GNU/Linux. I couldnt update them when I moved away from GNU/Linux to execute the DIN Is Noise port for Windows and Mac OS X. Still, with some patience, you can learn the key unchanged features of DIN from the old tutorial videos. btw, al~dinja's page on vimeo contains more detailed description, commentary and index.

DIN drones tutorial:

[visual] drone modulation tutorial:

DIN keyboard-keyboard tutorial:

Using a MIDI keyboard with din:

DIN Is Noise promotional video made by Stress FM for a talk and workshop I gave at Caldas da Rainha, Portugal as part of DIN Is Noise tour >>

Visual drone modulation presentation at openlab-london >>

video courtesy of @joanne_seale


The following videos are out of date for versions 1.9.2 and beyond because DIN starts with the keyboard-keyboard as the default instrument. To still make use of these tutorials/demos, first press 1 to get to the microtonal-keyboard (it appears as DIN board in these videos).

Drones demo:

The most viewed DIN video. More drones than you can shake a stick at.

New users guide to din:

Mainly about playing the lead voice in din

Bezier waveforms demo:

Introduces Bezier waveforms, the raison d'etre of din:

How to change the key of din:

Different ways of changing the key of DIN and the possibilities thereof

Microtonal chord progressions demo:

Map MIDI sliders to bunches of drones and slide them in and out to create microtonal chord progressions.

Finding the key of any song:

Play-along DIN with any song by finding its key & scale

Google banned words -> Morse code -> Music:

the DIN IRC bot:

Lets users on an IRC channel control your DIN thru your IRC bot.

MIDI sliders mapped to oscilloscope colors:

The DIN phrasor tutorial:

How to record, playback and jog phrases on the microtonal keyboard.

The start-end patch:

Assign min/max values to MIDI sliders/knobs and run a command when you operate them

DIN sine composer:

How to create Bezier waveforms with desired harmonic content

Create, Edit & Morph Bezier curve based waveforms: