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Version: 26

Released: December 26, 2016 @ Palazzolo Acreide, Italy.

Minimum OS version: Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.6.8 / Snow Leopard or GNU/Linux

Type: Evaluation

Download for Windows:

Download for Mac OS X: DIN-Is-Noise-25-evaluation.dmg


  • You can play with only 1 ball in Mondrian.
  • You can make only 1 pair of binaural drones.
  • You can only create 2x2 drone meshes.
  • You cannot create shapeforms and fractal waveforms or apply 12 geometry plugins.
  • You cannot transform maps of 245 countries into shapeforms.
  • You cannot turn characters, numbers or colours into shapeforms.
  • You cannot change velocity & acceleration of orbiting drones.
  • You cannot automatically launch drones as rockets.
  • You cannot warp gravity.
  • You cannot save settings and
  • You cannot save recordings.

Download for GNU / Linux:

You can check out the complete source of DIN Is Noise 26 using Subversion:

svn checkout svn://

You have full access. You can make changes and commit back :) Please read README to learn how to build the executable.

Please do not use this source code to build & distribute binaries for Windows or Mac OS X as I sell licenses for those binaries to [barely really] support myself. Please consider funding my work.

DIN Is Noise uses the World Borders Dataset kindly provided by Bjorn Sandvik to transform maps of 245 countries into waveforms.