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Version: 26

Released: December 26, 2016 @ Palazzolo Acreide, Italy.

Minimum OS version: Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.6.8 / Snow Leopard or GNU/Linux

Type: Evaluation

Download for Windows:

Download for Mac OS X: DIN-Is-Noise-25-evaluation.dmg


  • You can play with only 1 ball in Mondrian.
  • You can make only 1 pair of binaural drones.
  • You can only create 2x2 drone meshes.
  • You cannot create shapeforms and fractal waveforms or apply 12 geometry plugins.
  • You cannot transform maps of 245 countries into shapeforms.
  • You cannot turn characters, numbers or colours into shapeforms.
  • You cannot change velocity & acceleration of orbiting drones.
  • You cannot automatically launch drones as rockets.
  • You cannot warp gravity.
  • You cannot save settings and
  • You cannot save recordings.

Download for GNU / Linux:

There are 2 options:

1. Download the 32 or 64 bit GNU/Linux distribution that has the latest DIN Is Noise executable, its complete source code and the tools required to [re]build it. It is an in-your-pocket DIN Is Noise development and performance workstation. Burn it into a USB stick and boot [almost] any PC off that stick and run DIN Is Noise. When you are done, power off the PC back to its old state.

2. You can check out the complete source of DIN Is Noise using Subversion:

svn checkout svn://

Please read README to learn how to build the executable.

Please do not use this source code to build & distribute binaries for Windows or Mac OS X as I sell licenses for those binaries to [barely really] support myself. Please consider funding my work.

DIN Is Noise uses the World Borders Dataset kindly provided by Bjorn Sandvik to transform maps of 245 countries into waveforms.